How Visitor Management Kiosk has become Need of the Hour?

Ensuring the safety of employees and its visitors is the responsibility of each and every Corporate Office for which they are widely opting for Visitor Management Kiosk. The advent of breakthrough technology has introduced many new features and facilitated people and organization to opt for the highly advanced Visitor Management Kiosk for ensuring the safety whole organization.

Manually entering the data is in practice for long-time but it gives rise to many concerns such as relevance of The information when entered manually misses out many points due to many reasons such as difficulty to read the data due to scribbling, not-so-accurate check-in and check-out timings, incorrect serial numbers and more. This is the old fashioned way of managing visitors that starts with a piece of paper and visitors are required to enter their details, after which they are asked to wait and the concerned person is informed about it. All these processes take time and it equally bothers the person who has come to meet. This raises the need to know about Visitor Management System and why offices must use this technology.  

Visitor Management System

The core job of Visitor Management System is to keep a check on visitors by maintaining cloud based visitor logs, take photos of visitors that help them in keeping a track for later purpose, print visitor ID cards, capture the signatures of visitors, inform the concerned person without letting the visitor know about it, allow the two-way communication between visitor and employee, if needed and such more. This Kiosk for Visitor Management ensures safety in the organization at its best. It increases the staff productivity, enhances the office security, and elevates the brand identity.

Visitor privacy: Along with maintaining the safety of employees and inside the office premises, maintaining the visitors’ privacy is equally important. But obliviously, the visitor log which is visible to one and all entering the data could put them at risk. Those visitors could be anyone, from legal or financial department whose address and contact number would be visible to everyone. Here, this touchscreen kiosk for visitor management plays an important role and helps in safeguarding the details of visitors. 

Customized check-in facility: The check-in process varies when a delivery boy comes and when an official comes. The visitor management system incorporates customized feature that is fit for one and all.

Notifications: Soon after the arrival of visitors, an automatic notification is sent to the concerned person without actually informing the visitor. This way, as per importance of meeting with the visitor, the concerned person can communicate their status.

Digital Visitor Logs: Checking the records become easier with Digital Visitor Logs. This is important for tracking the list of visitors for security purpose along with maintaining a list of people attended any particular event.

No matter you are a startup or a big enterprise, you can opt for Kiosk for Visitor Management. Even SchoolVisitor Management Kiosk has become a very popular choice among schools for maintaining the list of visitors.

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