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Navigate your way with Way-Finding Kiosk!

Traveling to a new place or a particular location is no more a stressful task as Way-Finding Kiosk has resolved this issue by mapping the present location of the person and showing direction to the required direction. Not only this, rather way-finding kiosk also shows nearby shopping malls, famous eatery joints, business building, amusement parks, sports arenas, tourist attraction and more. An intuitive and interactive touchscreen wayfinding kiosk also provides suggestions related to relevant search. This kiosk has many different roles when deployed at different places. When placed in hotels, it will show the direction to entertainment and dining options, pool and sports arena, live programs and so on. When placed in shopping malls, it will help in locating the person and display the route to reach the desired location. When placed in the corporate building, it will show the way towards different departments such as manufacturing. The requirements differ for different plac

Healthcare Kiosk: Best intermediary between Patients and Healthcare Centers!

XIPHIAS Healthcare Kiosk provides complete solution approach including hardware and software, planning and design, integration and testing, deployment, content management, remote monitoring, and reporting.  Healthcare Kiosk is designed and developed to keep patients, doctors and hospital authorities connected with each other. By using the kiosk, patients can directly register their information on the kiosk, check availability of doctors at the needed time, seek an appointment with an option of now and later, raise the report, and such more.  This kiosk has also made things easier for doctors as they can get requests directly from the patients with an option of approve or reject it. This healthcare kiosk also dispenses the tickets to customers when they come to visit their respective doctors. This token is used to keep the record of patients as per their time.

Broadcast your Business on Tourism Kiosk!

If you have been to zoo, museum, stations, airports, or such more places where tourist visibility is more, you would have noticed big digital screens displaying information relevant to new and exciting events, sight-seeing places, famous places to stay and such more. These touch screens are called Information Kiosk that displays the information, make people aware about it and has given massive benefit to tourism industry.  This kiosk can be called as Tourism Kiosks also when it is kept at places where tourists’ footfall is generally more or at places where they arrive such as stations and airports. At such places, it facilitates people to issue travel tickets without standing in a long queue, allows self-check-in and self-check-out feature, hotel room booking, cab booking and such more. It also provides information about different trusted Transport mediums.  Deploying a Tourism Kiosk at strategic places will help tourists gaining more information about great places to visi

Uplift your Business with Digital Signage Kiosk!

Taking the initiatives on turn around the struggling business, one fine morning, David decided to renovate his seven-year-old business dealing in Food and Beverage vertical established as the physical brick-and-mortar shop with some technological advancements. And kiosk was his first choice.  He opted for 55-inch high definition wall mounted Digital Signage Kiosk , displaying the digital menu boards along with best offers and combo prices, in order to provide a new level of interaction to the customers with business. The impact of this digital menu board kiosk was visible within a week that started witnessing more footfall in the premises and with happy faces around it.  “We have witnessed some noticeable increase in the sales since the installation of Digital Signage Kiosk in our premise”, quoted David who had certainly expected some positive changes but soon his outlet become word of mouth and became the favorite place of customers. Just one kiosk helped David to brin

Interactive Kiosks: One-Stop-Solution for Every Business!

Businesses are pondering over ways to come up with the best possible experience to customers and the efforts are certainly visible. Brands are expanding their categories and spreading their branches to meet the needs of customers. In the race of attracting more and more customers, the ultimate winners are customers who are happy about getting wide range of options for a single product and they are choosing carefully the one that fits their requirement completely. One of the best and latest technological strategies to win over more and more customers is kiosk. Self-Service Kiosk is out for a while and has gained high popularity among businesses and customers in almost no time. The most prominent reason is its customer experience enhancing feature that has become top priority of entrepreneurs. The intuitive and Interactive Kiosk allows users to serve themselves required goods and services or supply the required information. The kiosk manufacturers have taken good care o

Retail Kiosk for every Business: Online and Offline!

Have you ever come across a standalone or Wall Mounted Kiosk that makes an amazing combination of graphics and content? Or a bill payment kiosk that is used to make any kind of bill payment? Or a kiosk clearly showing directions and help in finding ways in malls and marketplaces where footfall is generally more? If your answer is affirmative, then you know how a self-service touch screen kiosk looks like. Let’s go ahead and explore its features in detail: ·          Reduced costs ·          More efficient ·          Not demanding ·          Every day of the year working ·          Enhanced experience ·          Increased sales The increased usage of touch screen kiosk attributes to the fact that now days more and more customers are getting inclined towards the usage of touch screen that facilitates them to browse as many categories as they want with great speed and full comfort. This has compelled retail companies to opt for Retail Kiosks into their daily op

How Airports Kiosks are Gaining Market Share?

Airport is a place full of hustle and bustle and jam-packed with travelers with no time to spend standing in a long queue and enquiring about the status of their flight. For this purpose, Kiosks have been implemented at the airports where people can come and directly address their queries without any human interference. The self-check-in and self-check-out features are also enabled in the kiosk which saves a lot of time and makes processes very fast. However, check-in and check-out are not the only feature of self-service kiosk rather there are many more features a kiosk can serve. Let’s explore the usage of self-service kiosk in detail. Way-Finding and Navigation :  It is not an easy task for travelers to find out the exact route of the gate they are looking for and the crisis of time aggravates this problem more. With the implementation of Way-Finding Kiosk , this confusion can be decreased significantly. The kiosk will navigate and show the present location with ‘

Know the Benefits of Kiosks for your Business!

As customers are gravitating towards more comfort and convenience, self-check-in and check-out technologies are booming in the market, giving an opportunity to customers to actively participate in the transaction and eliminate the dependence upon staff to explore the features of chosen product. Self-ServiceTouch Screen Kiosk is out for a while in the marketplace and has quickly become the top preference of the customers that facilitates them to complete the transaction without any staff assistance. The fast process cuts down the waiting time and makes customers happy with the automated results displayed by the kiosks. At the same time, it saves staff time also, allowing them to focus on sales and services and contributing towards overall productivity of entire organization. Few prominent benefits of Self-Service Kiosks are discussed below: Increased Orders :  With assurance of high level of convenience, the kiosk accelerates the ordering and check out processes