Why Businesses are opting for Self-Check-Out Kiosks?

Automation has always acted as an inexorably advance force that has given a proven result of larger profits for the ostensible reason of minimizing labor and cutting cost. We are living in a world of automation that actually makes performing the tasks much easier than it was done manually. In the world of automation, now days, the latest favorite machinery of the users is Touch Screen Self check out kiosk that gives a big relief from a painfully not-moving queue. Customers are being given two options before them: They can take their selected items to the self-check-out kiosk, scan the items themselves, and make the payment without any delay, or they can wait in a queue for their turn to come and get it done via cashier. Despite availability of both the options, it seems the choice is already being made as more and more customers are preferring to use self-check-out kiosk. Self-check-out kiosks have made their presence in the market and businesses are widel

Blockchain driven HR & Payroll Software is transforming the Industry!

Do you wish to reduce the burden of your HR professionals and want them to spend more time in other productive tasks? Are you also expecting the solution to be a cost- effective and the most secure? If your answers are affirmative,  Blockchain based HR & Payroll Software  securely stores the personal data of the employees and makes it easily accessible for the authorized persons of an organization. One of the most time consuming processes of Human Resource Department is the verification of employees’ data and blockchain addresses it successfully along with emphasizing the hiring process and streamlining the other processes as well.   Blockchain technology in corporate kiosk or Blockchain based HR and Payroll Kiosk can also be implemented for recruitment, where recruiters will put the keywords and shortlisted profiles will be shown automatically. Other than this, blockchain in Payroll Software helps employers to process the most secure payment. With the dece

Manage your retail solutions through Touch Screen Retail Kiosk!

These days’ people/consumers anticipate a convenient and more personalized shopping experience, which is different than the traditional way of shopping in a brick-and-mortar retail shop. The retailers are going more creative and implementing features which are user friendly and improving the buying experience of customers. IoT based touch screen retail kiosk  is a win-win situation for retailers to conduct business without any assistance while increasing revenues and reducing overall costs. Simultaneously, it improves the buyers’ experience by reducing the long wait and fast shopping. The Internet of Things has made it easier for the retailers to deploy Touch Screen  Retail Kiosks   in order to respond to the customers’ demand. Through high speed connectivity, these IoT retail kiosks enable businesses to be highly portable and highly flexible, that allows businesses to better meet the growing needs of customer. No Infrastructure : Any business can get or install to

Safety and Security Training Kiosk for your Organization!

Safety is always a prime concern of every organization, and with the growing needs of implementing compliance's as per work environment, Safety and Security Training Kiosks have become mandatory for companies. Training and preparedness is the best thing one can follow in order to avoid any incident at workplace and it is not very easy to educate the employees or visitors about the safety standards of organization without involving a team. But training can be given via Touch Screen Kiosk that would include all the features and finally provide the certificate to those, who will clear all the rounds at much lower price.   XIPHIAS manufactures world's first robotic kiosk for online safety training powered by Blockchain & IoT, which can be used by any organization where employee's security know-how is of critical importance. The entire solution will be based on the most unique non-tokenized private Blockchain provides strong authentication and data encryption fo

How Blockchain is improving Retail Commerce?

In the era of conscientious customers, people are caring more about the transparency in the processes being followed for each and everything; they enquire about the systems and truly concerned about the quality, safety, ethics, and environmental impact while buying any product, accessing to any service and before making any transaction. The retail industry is always at the forefront reshaped by the latest and emerging technologies to enhance the customer experience. The power of the cloud, artificial intelligence, machine learning, mobility, blockchain, big data, IoT, robotics, and cloud has unveiled many solutions that have great potential to disrupt the supply chain operations in the retail industry. The main areas where Blockchain is benefitting Retail Market: Transparency : The trust of customers is very hard to earn. Nowadays more and more transactions are happening online, and blockchain underlies the transparency, allowing all parties—supplier, manufacturer,

How Visitor Management Kiosk has become Need of the Hour?

Ensuring the safety of employees and its visitors is the responsibility of each and every Corporate Office for which they are widely opting for Visitor Management Kiosk. The advent of breakthrough technology has introduced many new features and facilitated people and organization to opt for the highly advanced Visitor Management Kiosk for ensuring the safety whole organization. Manually entering the data is in practice for long-time but it gives rise to many concerns such as relevance of The information when entered manually misses out many points due to many reasons such as difficulty to read the data due to scribbling, not-so-accurate check-in and check-out timings, incorrect serial numbers and more. This is the old fashioned way of managing visitors that starts with a piece of paper and visitors are required to enter their details, after which they are asked to wait and the concerned person is informed about it. All these processes take time and it equally bothers the person w

How to use Kiosk in Health Care Departments?

Self-service Kiosk is of much help for almost every vertical and especially it offers myriad of benefits to Healthcare Department by promoting the communication between patients and doctors, providing required details to the patients and making processes easier for everyone. If you are planning to install a Medical Kiosk in your premises, then consider what all benefits the kiosk will offer to you. Following is discussed the benefits of Patient Kiosk Healthcare are: Self-Service Kiosk: Healthcare Kiosk facilitates patients to add all their details for self-registration process. Usually patients stand in a long queue to submit their filled-up form to the concerned authorities which has been dealt well by Self-service kiosk that facilitates people to add up their details and do self-registration. Information Kiosk: There are a lot of information which a healthcare department needs to put in order to make people aware about it. The information could be about new technolo