Change the face of your Business with Touch Screen Kiosk!

The world of automation is flourishing at a rapid rate and more and more customers are preferring the kiosks for its automated results and solutions. As the demand for kiosks are increasing, KIOSK MANUFACTURERS are keenly adding more features, options and solutions and expanding it further to ensure customers are getting best ever experience. To meet the requirements, kiosks are designed for many different verticals with different features. Below is discussed the features of few kiosks designed by XIPHIAS for different verticals:

Retail Kiosk: 
Retailers are leveraging self-service kiosks to improve the customer experience, reduce transaction costs and boost sales revenues. Retail kiosk can be combined with menu / queue digital signage and other features as per customers' requirements to transform repetitive order processes into more efficient and profitable transactions.

Vendor/Visitor Management Kiosk: 
Each organization, school, and facilities are deploying ways to improve security to at their place. Visitor Management Kiosk has come out as the most effective way to record and collect the data of visitors, along with recording the purpose of their visit and total time they spent in the premises. The kiosk facilitates the visitors to enter their details and get a printed ID card that will restrict them to enter not-so-relevant department.

Corporate Kiosk: 
Corporate and Human Resource kiosk solutions act as a virtual assistant for employees. Kiosks standardize screening, automate processing, and allow for pre-screening and processing of applicant data, resulting in lower transaction costs and reduced HR overhead. It also accelerates the hiring process and minimize administrative delays. It provides round-the-clock access to HR information without the need for human intervention with reduced costs and increased convenience for employees.

There are many more kiosk which XIPHIAS manufactures and provide it on buying and renting options, both.


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