Safety and Security Training Kiosk for your Organization!

Safety is always a prime concern of every organization, and with the growing needs of implementing compliance's as per work environment, Safety and Security Training Kiosks have become mandatory for companies. Training and preparedness is the best thing one can follow in order to avoid any incident at workplace and it is not very easy to educate the employees or visitors about the safety standards of organization without involving a team. But training can be given via Touch Screen Kiosk that would include all the features and finally provide the certificate to those, who will clear all the rounds at much lower price.

XIPHIAS manufactures world's first robotic kiosk for online safety training powered by Blockchain & IoT, which can be used by any organization where employee's security know-how is of critical importance. The entire solution will be based on the most unique non-tokenized private Blockchain provides strong authentication and data encryption for the enterprises ensuring Cyber Security. Not only this, it will also issue a hashed certificate on passing the course using blockchain.

Technology Involved:

The concept is based on blockchain technology, which is a distributed database running on multiple servers that continually checks the security and integrity of each record. Blocks chained by hash values and incentivized proof of work provide a foundation for distributed trust in the blockchain. Each block is time stamped and linked to previous blocks, using cryptography to ensure the data is immutable and tampered -proof.
Contrary to the most popular use case, blockchain technologies don’t only secure financial transactions – in fact, they can be used to track and verify any kind of digital asset, as well as code or smart contracts such as medical records, and in our case examination records.

Our Solution: 

Blockchain based Safety Training Kiosk solves the basic problems of integrity, honesty, consideration, accountability and transparency in the training and certification system. All the information is secured using cryptographic techniques and stored in a private blockchain which can be accessed only through a key thus ensuring that the data has not been tampered and is immutable.

By rendering a hashed certificate at the completion, we ensure that no one can make copies of the certificates and thus we safeguard the authenticity of the course and the organization.

Verticals in which we serve:

This innovation will benefit many industries that would want to impart any training to their employees. To name a few, it can be any security training, management training, subject training, induction training, public speaking training, PR training which the organization wants the employees to undertake as per policies and industry standards. These organization could be Real Estate and Infrastructure, Oil and Gas, Public Sector, Petrochemicals, Retail/Hospitality, Engineering & Construction, Transportation, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Media and Education.


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