Blockchain driven HR & Payroll Software is transforming the Industry!

Do you wish to reduce the burden of your HR professionals and want them to spend more time in other productive tasks? Are you also expecting the solution to be a cost- effective and the most secure?

If your answers are affirmative, Blockchain based HR & Payroll Software securely stores the personal data of the employees and makes it easily accessible for the authorized persons of an organization. One of the most time consuming processes of Human Resource Department is the verification of employees’ data and blockchain addresses it successfully along with emphasizing the hiring process and streamlining the other processes as well.  

Blockchain technology in corporate kiosk or Blockchain based HR and Payroll Kiosk can also be implemented for recruitment, where recruiters will put the keywords and shortlisted profiles will be shown automatically. Other than this, blockchain in Payroll Software helps employers to process the most secure payment.

With the decentralized, peer-to-peer (P2P) system of blockchain, employers can directly transfer salaries to employees that will provide cost-efficient, secure, and effective financial interactions, eliminating the complications of payroll today. With the guaranteed security of blockchain, data cannot be manipulated and has successfully eliminated extra fees, pesky intermediaries, and unnecessary processes.

Touch screen Corporate Kiosk has many other functionalities to perform as well wherein it allows employees to update their personal details, can go through the policies, handbook and apply for leaves, and submit their expenses and much more. These kiosks are active beyond the typical HR hours and facilitates provides information to the employees.

Main Benefits of HR Kiosk:

·         Reduce paper usage and administrative costs
·         Displays relevant information
·         Accelerates hiring process by helping in pre-screening and processing applicant resumes
·         Round the clock availability
·         Virtual assistant for HR

For more details visit here: Corporate KIOSK


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