Manage Fee Payment Procedures with Fee Payment Kiosk!

The management of fee is the top priority of every institution, irrespective of its size and the place where it is situated. This is a process which needs to be followed by every parent, after the payment of which, fee receipts are generated by the institutions that acts as the proof of payment. Fee management System has become an important aspect of a Complete Education Management Software, which should be automated, highly adaptable and comprehensive solution for fee payment, addressing the requirements of Fee Management System in all institutions, works well in the interest of the Parents and other School Administration.

School Management Software makes school administration and its accounts department highly efficient, and drives towards a complete paperless fee management solution.
Fee Management software provides following flexibilities:
·         Multiple modes of payment
·         Flexible installments to pay fees
·         On-demand reports
·         Automatic reminders to pay fees

Entering the fees details of students is one-time process, which once entered, will always be in accounting record of the software and parents can pay directly.

Fee Management Software provides following flexibilities to Parents and Students:
·         Notification about fee payment
·         Can generate and view fee receipts
·         Can pay via offline and online channels
·         Fee Payment history can be viewed

ATSI (Any Time Student Information) is an Education Management Software designed by XIPHIAS Software Technologies Pvt Ltd that has many modules that takes care of every aspect of institution including academic, admission, fee, timetable, syllabus, hostel, examination and more. Fee module is an important aspect of school management software for which XIPHIAS provides kiosk also.
Through Fee Management Kiosk, parents can deposit the fee directly from the kiosk using different modes of payments including cash, debit/credit cards, cheque and DD.   


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