How to choose Kiosk for your Business?

Kiosk is not a new term and almost everyone has some idea about it. It can be seen in shopping malls, retail stores, airports, railway stations and such more and its primary function is to host certain tasks and provide flexibility and independence to customers while performing it. The market is being flooded with wide range of options to improve customer engagement and satisfaction but kiosk has its own purpose. This is an interactive way of doing transaction in which customers directly interact with the brand. Right from explaining the products features, providing specifications, payment gateway and completing the transaction; kiosk has everything to serve.

For choosing a kiosk, there are many things a business should consider before settling down to one brand. Firstly, check out the requirements of your business and then decide. Following is given the criteria:

a. How kiosk will boost the business?
b. How comfortable will be clients?
c. Do you need only software or only hardware?
d. Do you need software and hardware both?

There will be many more options in your industry which you need to consider before opting for kiosk. Most of the time, it will fulfill all the criteria and deploying kiosk would be proved as a wise decision.

There are many companies that gets involved in hardware engineering or software development, but XIPHIAS is the only company that provides software and hardware as an embedded solution. The in-house kiosk manufacturing enables XIPHIAS to manufacture the best quality kiosk at very reasonable price.

XIPHIAS has a team of professionals that develops and designs kiosks for many verticals including Retail Kiosk, Health Care Kiosk, Corporate Kiosk, Education Kiosk, Exhibition Kiosk, Vendor/Visitor Management Kiosk, Digital Signage Kiosk, E-Governance Kiosk, and more.


  1. Yeah Xiphias is excellent KIOSK solution provider.i purchase Touch screen kiosk application,now its working fine as per our requirement.Thank you for your good Service..


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