Bill Payment Kiosk: One-Stop-Solution to pay all the Bills!

Undoubtedly, bill payment is one such task that everyone wants to avoid as long as possible but certainly it comes with some deadlines. Visiting the billing place, standing in a long queue and wait for the turn to come, depositing the bill amount is no less than a daunting task for customers who wants to use the services but somehow wants to avoid the payment process. To make it easier, bill payment kiosk has been designed to replace this whole complicated process.

Bill payment kiosk is very much similar to any other kiosk installed to do transaction with more features in terms of payment. Multiple modes of payments are enabled in this kiosk including cash, coin, cards (debit and credit), cheque, and DD. After thinking everything from customer point of view, these many payment modes are enabled in the kiosk.

Using a kiosk is not a problem for customers as it does not require any prior knowledge of kiosk or computer to handle it. The instructions are clearly explained and customers only need to follow it.

XIPHIAS Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of Bill Payment Kiosk that successfully deals in hardware and software both. Right from meeting the clients to understand their requirements of Bill Payment Kiosk till its deployment at client’s required place or premises; this Company successfully answers every challenge that a business comes across. Most of the companies restrict their expertise to only software or only hardware but XIPHIAS is the only company that provides innovative software and engineered hardware solutions to its customers and act as a one-stop-solution for them. 


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