Navigate your way with Way-Finding Kiosk!

Traveling to a new place or a particular location is no more a stressful task as Way-Finding Kiosk has resolved this issue by mapping the present location of the person and showing direction to the required direction. Not only this, rather way-finding kiosk also shows nearby shopping malls, famous eatery joints, business building, amusement parks, sports arenas, tourist attraction and more. An intuitive and interactive touchscreen wayfinding kiosk also provides suggestions related to relevant search. This kiosk has many different roles when deployed at different places.

When placed in hotels, it will show the direction to entertainment and dining options, pool and sports arena, live programs and so on. When placed in shopping malls, it will help in locating the person and display the route to reach the desired location. When placed in the corporate building, it will show the way towards different departments such as manufacturing. The requirements differ for different places and Way-Finding Kiosk has proved its benefits everywhere.

XIPHIAS offers a scalable solution that includes simple, static floor maps, complex multi-building campus and more, depending upon the requirements. The Way-Finding kiosk comes in different sizes that include Stand-Alone Kiosk, Wall Mounted Kiosk, Information Kiosk, Digital Signage Kiosk and more.


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