Broadcast your Business on Tourism Kiosk!

If you have been to zoo, museum, stations, airports, or such more places where tourist visibility is more, you would have noticed big digital screens displaying information relevant to new and exciting events, sight-seeing places, famous places to stay and such more. These touch screens are called Information Kiosk that displays the information, make people aware about it and has given massive benefit to tourism industry. 

This kiosk can be called as Tourism Kiosks also when it is kept at places where tourists’ footfall is generally more or at places where they arrive such as stations and airports. At such places, it facilitates people to issue travel tickets without standing in a long queue, allows self-check-in and self-check-out feature, hotel room booking, cab booking and such more. It also provides information about different trusted Transport mediums. 

Deploying a Tourism Kiosk at strategic places will help tourists gaining more information about great places to visit and stay, famous food, entertainment and more. This is a good medium to communicate the message in an efficient way


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